By applying and accepting to work with, Pastel Polly you are agreeing that all information you provide is true and all artworks are originals of yours. You understand that under copyright law you may not use someone else’s work or pass someone elses work off as your own. If your artwork at any point is found to violate copyright laws we will give you a total of 48 hours to prove to us it is rightfully yours. Under law, if someone reports your item to Shopify, Shopify may remove the item themselves without, Pastel Polly’s knowledge at which point it would be out of our hands until you settle it with that artist. 

 All products will be shipping out of Canada, ON. You will not receive shipping notifications on orders containing your art but we will be providing you with a monthly inventory update. If at any point one of your designs is returned or refunded the 20% from that order will be deducted from your next payout -  you will be notified of any refunds that are processed. Payouts will occur on the first Monday of every month and the last Monday of every month as long as you have reached your minimum payout of $10 for US & Europe | $15 for the rest of the world. Canadian vendors have no minimum cap. In the case of you reaching a $100 payout before the first or last Monday of the month, we will send your funds to you before the two week mark. Each Payout will be sent through PayPal. PayPal states payments can take anywhere from 1-3 business days. 

All orders are processed in Canadian dollars. All earned prices are in CAD and do not include PayPal transfer charges. Canadian Applicants, there are no fees associated with your PayPal transfers, so there is no minimal balance cap on your earnings only a maximum. 

Applicants from the USA, Northern Europe*, Europe I** or Europe II*** due to PayPal having a flat rate price for international payments no transfers will be deposited until you have reached a total balance of at least $10. This is because we cover the charges in order to send you the money. So instead of you paying a $2.99 flat rate and a 2.9% PayPal fee on top of your earnings, we will be covering it for you out of our pockets. 

International applicants not from Canada, the USA, Northern Europe*, Europe I** or Europe II*** please be aware that the fixed prices for transfers through PayPal are different. You will not be deposited any money until your balance reaches $15. This is because the flat rate to transfer your money is $4.99 and 2.9% of the total sent. 

Please remember, all orders are made in CAD and all payments are sent in CAD. PayPal will convert the money for you to your currency during transfer, so you need to be aware of currency differences and how they may effect the total earnings being sent. For example, if I send you $10 CAD you may only get $7.80 USD. Depending on the exchange rate your earnings may come in higher or lower. 

By applying you understand that you need to do your part and advertise as well. Pastel Polly will not use your designs for anything other then agreed upon. Non of your designs will be used in our market/vendor shows. 

If at any given point you wish to take your items off the website, please email customerservice@pastelpolly.com. Please be sure to give me 72 hours (3 business days not weekends) to remove all listings from my website. Please note, if your artwork was taken within a product photo and uploaded to our Instagram, due to our pattern we may choose to keep it up on our Instagram until it moves further down the list. We will be sure to update the post and point everyone in your direction.

Please be aware at anytime these terms and conditions can be updated but an email will be sent to you with the updated information attached. 

Pastel Polly