About Pastel Polly

Hi there ya' sweet petunia! I'm Polly and I'm the artist behind the scenes creating all of the artwork you see available on Pastel Polly. I can't thank you enough for being here and considering to support my small business. It makes a huge difference in the lives of small businesses like myself when you support small. Pastel Polly was built originally on temporary tattoos to help fight self harm. We have since grown into stickers, clothing, pins, and prints. Our main goal is to give you little reminders throughout your day that help motivate you to keep fighting and keep pushing.
What had originally started as a fun side job to help myself heal from my own mental health issues, has quickly grown into something deeply personal and empowering. I want to spread important messages into the world. Ones that speak deeply to people like me who've struggled or are struggling with their mental health. I also focus on feminism, empowerment, LGBTQ+ equality and breaking mental health stigmas. My goal is to help normalize the conversation using my art as the conversation starter.
After suffering from sever PPD (Postpartum Depression) twice, struggling with suicidal thoughts and deliberating anxiety, I have made it a priority to push reminders of self care, self love, and powering reminders into my artwork. I speak openly about my past mental health struggles on my platforms in the hopes to reach someone else who may be in a dark place. If there is one thing you can always expect from my art, it will be mental health designs that remind you to take care and be patient with yourself as you move through this.
Through working on building Pastel Polly and pushing these important messages into the world, I have found love for myself, my body and my mind. I still struggle somedays with anxiety, but after several years of beating depression and two years of PPD, I have found peace with who I am and who I continue to grow into. And if you're still here reading this message, then I have to strongly assume you want to feel that way too and that's perhaps why you ended up on my page.
Sincerely, Polly!

To spread love and body positivity to everyone while maintaining an eco friendly and sustainable business. We are a small studio located in Canada, Ontario. My partner and I are both avid feminists who believe people have a right to love who they love, wear what they want, eat what they want, support the LGBTQ+ community, encourage female empowerment, respect people's pronouns, and that people have a right to reproductive freedom.
When it came to starting our apparel line I took my time choosing the right drop shipping service as I wanted to be sure to find a company that could offer up to 5XL sizes. Size inclusivity is important to us and we want everyone to feel beautiful in our clothing. Printful is one of out partners who drop ships all of our apparel items, making each item on demand to avoid any waste.
When your order goes through on our website, Printful will not only make your item for you, but also ship it directly to you with tracking. This added partner was essential to out business so that I can better juggle being a business owner as well as a full-time mother.
Also, before I forget and incase nobody has told you today, your body is beautiful, your mind is strong and you're deserving of love and respect.